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Allegheny Airlines Flight 371 (N174A)

Passengers and Crew

Allegheny Airlines Flight 371 Casualties


Pilot - Captain Thomas Ronald Goldsmith, from North Olmstead, Ohio was 31 years old. Born January 23rd 1928 in Waldorf, MD, he was the son of Thomas Albert Goldsmith and Sarah McEllen “Ellie” Groves. He had three siblings- Margaret Elizabeth, Kenneth “Buck” and McEllen. Thomas was married to Edna Mae Sherman in 1957 and they had one child; Thomas Albert Goldsmith (born in August 1959). Thomas was the on duty pilot for Allegheny Airlines and had piloted more than 12,000 hours in his 9 year career with Allegheny. He was buried December 5th 1959 in St. Paul’s Cemetery, Waldorf, MD.

Co Pilot - George Matthew Bowers, from Parma, Ohio was 30 years old and was the on duty co pilot for Allegheny Airlines. Born in Ohio on November 30th 1929, he was the son of Benedict Joseph Bowers and Helen Martin. George served in the U.S. Air force (734th Base Unit) during WW2 and mustered out as Sergeant. His siblings were; Norbert, Raymond, Jack and Rita. He was buried December 5th 1959 in Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.

Tygert, Donald Winston, from Webster, NY was 26 years old. Born on August 26th 1933 in Schenectady, NY he was the son of Franklin D. Tygert and Evelyn Rosalie (Chewning) Tygert. Donald was an off duty pilot who was “hitching a ride” and not on the original passenger manifest. However the official CAB accident report (dated 1960) indicates he was occupying the jump seat at the time of the crash. He was buried on December 5th 1959 in Webster Rural Cemetery, Webster, Monroe County, NY.

Conger, William Thompson Jr., from Lakewood, Ohio was 28 years old.

Born on September 23rd 1931 in Ohio, he was the son of William Conger Sr. and Juanita (Short) Conger. He was engaged to be married to Patricia Allen. William was the on duty Steward for Allegheny Airlines and served as an airman in the Korean War. He was buried December 5th 1959 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio.


Baer, Donald Earl, from Lynnwood, Los Angeles County, California was 43 years old. He was born on August 21st 1916 and was the son of Paul M. Baer and Lottie (Scott) Baer. Donald was married (and widowed) to Una Mae Cary.

He was buried December 5th 1959 in Angeles Cemetery, Compton, CA.

Side Note: In March 2018 Joanne Cary Thomas, Don's niece, sent us the following information, via email, that we wanted to add to Don's bio.

My sister and I remember the event clearly, I would have been 9 yrs. old and my sister was 13. My aunt Una Mae died May 6, 1959 from a bowel obstruction. It was tragic and heartbreaking. My Uncle Don was a private pilot and was flying to Pennsylvania (unsure of exact final destination) to pick up a private plane that someone had contracted with him to fly back to California for them. It was a double tragedy for him to die 6 months following his wife’s death, on December 1, 1959. We know from being there that he had never remarried. They also had no children, but treated all their nieces and nephews as their own. Their home and all of it’s contents was left to both sides of their family. We all gathered at their home and one family at a time went through the home and was able to take one item at a time. The process took all day and we remember it vividly. Because Don and Una’s last name was Baer (pronounced Bear) they had many “bear” items. To this day I have a set of bear bookends that were theirs and that I cherish. They had a favorite artist that they commissioned every year to create their unique Christmas card from the “Baers" featuring a delightful pair of bear cubs. Finding your website has been a blessing and brought back so many memories of loved ones lost. Thank you for your work and great effort to remember the precious souls lost that day.


Joanne Cary Thomas

Bethel, George W. Jr., from Cheltenham, Montgomery County, PA was 52 years old. Born on February 7th 1907 he was the son of George Bethel Sr. and Rebecca (Nevlin) Bethel. He was married to Eleanor Laughlin and they had three children; Mrs. Isabella B. (William) Day of Cheltenham, Pa., Mrs. Eleanor (John) Burns of Glenside, Pa. and Mrs. Catherine Maney.

George was the Service Manager of Modern Handling Equipment Co.

He was buried December 8th 1959 in Hillside Cemetery, Roslyn, Pa.

Dennis, William M., from Philadelphia, PA was 24 years old.

Born in Pennsylvania on October 29th 1935, he was the son of Lesie F. Dennis and Hattie (Richardson) Dennis. He was a Parts and Equipment Manager with Modern Handler Corporation. William also served as an “Airman 1/C” in the U.S. Army, 1607th Field Maintenance Squadron during the Korean War (3/16/53-3/15/57). He was buried December 8th 1959 in Fernwood Cemetery (Section: Hilltop # 258 West Side) Fernwood, Delaware County, PA

Derry, William Thomas Sr., from Pottstown, PA was 49 years old.

Born in Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island on July 5th 1910, he was the son of Frederick John Derry and Emily (Robinson) Derry. William was married to Gertrude A. Molloy and they had two children; William Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth. William was a superintendent of Stanley G. Flagg and Co. – in the Machine Finishing Dept. He was buried December 9th 1959 in New Pawtucket Cemetery, Providence, RI

Driggers, Henry Wallace, from South Carolina, was 63 years old and worked with the Lumber Industry. Born in Bennettsville, Marlboro, South Carolina on May 10th 1896, he was the son of George Preston Driggers and Alice Sallie Turner. He was buried December 9th 1959 in Whiteville Cemetery, Whiteville, NC.

Engist, Reverend Theodore, from Erie, PA was 52 years old and a rector at St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia. Born in Erie, PA on September 4th 1907, he was the son of Henry Engist. He was on his way to Erie to visit his 94 year old father who was seriously ill at the time.

Theodore was buried December 9th 1959 in St. Gregory’s Cemetery, North East Erie, PA.

Fenwick, Robert Rene Noel Emile, from Paris, France was 50 years old and was the owner of Fenwick, Inc. in Paris – an aircraft and aircraft parts distributer. Robert married Gilberte Marie Louise Breguet and they went on to have three children (one named Florence who married Arnaud Danglade). Born in Paris on June 11th 1909, Robert was the son of Rene Fenwick and Catherine Gillou. He was buried in France.

Ferguson, Ruth Louise (nee Bolton) was 48 years old and a housewife from Harrisburg, PA. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada on February 19th 1911, she was the daughter of John Bolton (mother unknown) and was married to Francis Elliott “Frank” Ferguson (1901-1976). She was buried December 5th 1959 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Harrisburg, Pa.

Gettys, Fred Smith, from New Cumberland, York County, PA was a Sales Representative for AOPA (an aviation magazine) and was 48 years old.

He was a pilot for Smith Airlines and was also a flight instructor. Born in Pennsylvania on November 27th 1911, he was the son of Malcolm Heber Gettys and Margaret B. (Smith) Gettys. Fred was married to Dorothea Jane Tebbs (1913-1985) and they had a daughter Louella Jean (West - Brickman). Fred was buried December 5th 1959 in Rolling Green Cemetery, New Cumberland, PA.

Guff, Andrew H. Jr. was 55 years old and an Automobile Salesman from New Cumberand, PA. Born in Pennsylvania on March 1st 1904 he was the son of Andrew Guff Sr. and Elizabeth Guff. Andrew was married to Margaret M. Kaperin (1906-1999). He was buried December 5rd 1959 in Holy Savior Cemetery, Bethlehem, PA.

Hermann, John Vernon, from Springfield, Delaware County, PA was 40 years old. Born on January 24th 1919 in Evanston, Illinois he was the son of John P. Hermann and Ida (Ross) Hermann. He was married to Dorothy Virginia Larrissey (1920-2006) and they had two children; John Patrick Hermann and Kathleen Joy (Ralph) Hermann-Bradley. John was the Manager of the Machine Dept. at Ryerson Division, Inland Steel Co. He was buried December 5th 1959 in Adelbert Cemetery, Niles, Illinois.

Jones, Haydn Frederick, from Havertown, PA was 53 years old.

Born on September 12th 1906, he was the son of Frederick Washington Jones and Mary (James) Jones. He was married to Hannah Kathryn LaBar and they had two children; Robert and a daughter, Mrs. Weldon Koenig.

Haydn was a manager with the Esso Oil Co. (Station Development Division). He was buried December 9th 1959 in Arlington Cemetery, Drexel, Delaware County, PA.

Kemble, Roland R. Jr., from Essington, Delaware County, PA was 37 years old and a Laboratory Technician with Westinghouse Electric Co. in Lester, PA. Born on April 17th 1922 in Pennsylvania he was the son of Roland Kemble Sr. and Regina V. Morris. Roland Jr. had a brother, Joseph F. Kemble (1924-2009) and two half siblings; Robert McKellar (1931-2001) and Regina V. McKellar (1933-2000). He was married to Anna M. Mills in 1945 and they had one son, Gregory. Roland was a Control Technician with Westinghouse Electric Co. in Lester, Pa. He was buried December 9th 1959 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA.

Levin, Arthur, from Harrisburg, Pa., he was 62 years old and was a partner for a company dealing in used automotives. Born in Lithuania in February of 1897, he was the son of Peter Levin and Rebecca Fleisher. He was buried December 3rd 1959 in Kesher Israel Cemetery, Progress, PA. Arthur owned and operated a used car dealership in Harrisburg, Pa. Arthur was flying from Harrisburg to Cleveland Ohio at the time of the crash to buy used cars at an auction. He was carrying a large some of money that he was planning to use at the auction in Cleveland. This information has been provided by Mark Eckman a friend of the family.

Mazzaferri, Joseph W., from Wyncote, Montgomery County, PA was 44 years old. Born on September 24th 1915 in Brooklyn, NY, he was the son of Dominick Mazzaferri and Antoinette Venturi. He was married to Rose V. Aquino (1915-1995) and owned Colorcraft Company. He had two sisters, Angela Marco and Antoinette Kalin and had two children, Valerie and Katherine.

He was buried December 5th 1959 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

Mooney, Evelyn Marie (nee Peters) resided in Cranesville, PA and was 41 years old. She was returning home from an aunt’s funeral.

Born in Albion, Pennsylvania on October 8th 1918, she was the daughter of Frank Peters and Marie A. (Forcht) Peters. Evelyn was married to Carlyle J. Mooney and they had three children; Dennis, Debra and Dayle. She was a co owner of a Beauty Shop and also helped run a gas station with her husband. She was buried December 6th 1959 in Albion Cemetery, Erie, PA.

Muir, Sinclair Livingston Sr. was 55 years old and a Representative of the International Typographic Union from Havertown, Pa. Born in

Philadelphia, PA on October 16th 1904 he was the son of George Livingston Muir (born in New Hampshire) and Elizabeth Jane (Sinclair) Muir (born in Northern Ireland). Sinclair married Elizabeth M. Burke in 1928 (Havertown) and they had six children; Elizabeth, Andrew, George, John Burke, and Sinclair Livingston Jr. He was buried December 9rd 1959 in St. Dennis Cemetery, Havertown, PA.

Rankin, Charles B., from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was 26 years old and the co owner of the Rankin Bros. Plywood Co. in Fayetteville. He was born in Cumberland County, NC on September 7th 1933 and was the son of Samuel Carson Rankin and Frances (Champion) Rankin. Charles was married to Virginia Lilly. He was buried December 4th 1959 in Falls Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC.

Snyder, Henry Ozene, from Harrisburg, PA was 51 years old. He was born on August 14th 1908 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina and was the son of John Henry Snyder and Etta H. (Bryan) Snyder. Henry was married to Elizabeth Smith and was the Chief Inspector for the Phoenix Iron and Steel Co. He was buried December 4th 1959 in Rolling Green Cemetery, Camp Hill, PA.

The following information comes from Henry' son via email (October 2016);

"I was a senior in high school when my Father was killed on December 1, 1959. I remember my Mother was devastated by his death. He was an executive for Phoenix Iron and Steel Co. which at that time was based in Harrisburg. He was flying that day on a business trip for his company to Bradford, Pa. I was the one who dropped him off at the airport so he could fly out of New Cumberland Airport. I believe they were "attempting" to land at the Williamsport/Lycoming Airport".

Svitzer, Jack Kennard, from Alexandria, Virginia, was 40 years old and was the Director of Sales for Allegheny Airlines. He was married to Dorothy Weber and they had a daughter, Lee. Born in Pennsylvania in August 22nd 1919, he was the son of A.E. Svitzer and Jessie Rinker. Jack was a Captain of Infantry during WWll and was buried December 8rd 1959 in Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Myers, VA. Section 8, grave # 6397LH

Zurn, John Henry was 34 years old and resided in Jenkintown, Montgomery County, PA. He was the Vice President and Treasurer of Zurn Industries in Erie, PA. He was traveling from Philadelphia to Erie to lay the groundwork for moving there, along with his family, in order to be closer to the Zurn family business. Born on November 17th 1925 he was the son of Melvin Ackerman Zurn and Marion (Schmid) Zurn Roberts. John had 4 siblings; Frank, Sally, David and Roger. He was married to Jane Wehner and they had five children; John Harrison, Marianne G., Linda Susan, Wendy (Allen) and Nancy (Bernardini). He was a WWII Veteran, USNR naval Academy, rank of Ensign. He was buried December 5th 1959 in Erie Cemetery, Erie, PA.

Side Note: After John’s death, his best friend, Dr. Jim Walker, would invite all of John’s friends and family to a luncheon - every December 1st , for nearly 40 years – to celebrate John’s life.

Survivor of crash

Matarazzo, Louis J. of Springfield, Delaware County, PA was 36 and the lone survivor of the crash. Born on April 17, 1923 he was the owner of MLM Sportswear in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Frances (nee Schiavone), had four children. Louis served in the U.S. Army during WWll. He died April 2nd 1988 in Springfield, Pennsylvania at the age of 64 and is buried in Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Springfield, PA.

Compiled and researched by Mark Avery November 2014. Updates added in 2016-17.